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Death Valley National Park
P.O. Box 579
Death Valley, CA 92328
(760) 786-3200
(760) 786-3283 (fax)
Park Description
A superlative desert of streaming sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, multicolored rock layers, water-fluted canyons and three million acres of stone wilderness. Home to the Timbisha Shoshone and to plants and animals unique to the harshest of deserts. A place of legend and a place of trial.

On any given summer day, the valley floor shimmers silently in the heat. Five months of the year unmerciful heat dominates the scene, and for the next seven the heat releases its grip only slightly. Rain rarely gets past the guardian mountains, but the little rain that does fall is the life force of the wildflowers that transform the desert into a vast garden.

Despite the harshness and severity of the environment, more than 1000 kinds of plants live within the park. Those on the valley floor have adapted to a desert life by a variety of means. Some have roots that go down 10 times the height of a person. Some plants have a root system that lies just below the surface but extends out in all directions. Others have leaves and stems that allow very little evaporation and loss of life giving water. With height moisture increases until on the high peaks there are forests of juniper, mountain mahogany, pinyon pine, limber pine, and even bristle-cone pine. Often the peaks surrounding the valley are snow-covered.

Furnace Creek Visitor Center & Museum. The visitor center is located in the Furnace Creek resort area on California highway 190. Furnace Creek is 30 miles from Death Valley Junction to the east, and 24 miles from Stovepipe Wells Village to the north and west.

Vehicle Entrance Fee

Fees $20.00 - 7 Days

Details This permit allows all persons traveling with the permit holder in one single private, non-commercial vehicle (car/truck/van) to leave and re-enter the park as many times as they wish during the 7-day period from the date of purchase.

Hours of Operation: Death Valley National Park is open year round. Furnace Creek Visitor Center & Museum is Open All Year 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Fees: There are entry fees for this park
No Metro Region listed. Park Management: Federal

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