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Grace Garden

Grace Garden 2

Dragonflies Bench


Durham Central Park
400 Foster Street
Durham, NC 27701
(919) 682-2800

Park Events

Durham Murals by Bike Tour
04/07/19 - 11/02/19

Durham Tobacco Heritage Walking Tour
05/11/19 - 11/09/19

Durham Civil Rights Heritage Walking Tour
05/18/19 - 10/19/19

Durham Architecture & the Urban Landscape Walking Tour
05/25/19 - 11/23/19

PLAYlist Concert Series
06/14/19 - 09/20/19

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Park Description

Durham Central Park is a key component in the revitalization of neighborhoods near downtown Durham and in the re-establishment of green space within this highly urbanized area. Many years ago, the area north of downtown Durham was bustling and vital, serving as the center of a thriving tobacco industry. Large warehouses were built for the auction, drying, and processing of tobacco. People flocked to the area to conduct business, and they stayed for recreation. The historic Durham Athletic Park drew large crowds for exciting games. Eventually, when the tobacco auctions ceased in the 1980"s, the area fell into sleepy neglect. Investment and new development moved away from downtown Durham, creating sprawl on the outskirts of town and leaving the downtown area in decay. Progress within the Park Development of the park is being accomplished in a stepwise fashion, as funding becomes available. Here is a summary of progress to date, along with some photos that show the transformations being accomplished on park property. Major Achievements to Date: Creation of conceptual designs, Purchase of park property, Clearing and grading of the land, Construction of the Grace Garden, Construction of the nature trail and butterfly garden, Transplantation of the Sister Cities trees to Durham Central Park, Installation of special street signs and completion of the magnolia mural, Construction of the George Watts Hill Pavilion for the Arts (by Liberty Arts, Inc., a separate nonprofit organization)

Hours of Operation: Sunrise to Sunset

Fees: No entry fees for this park
Metro Region: Triangle, NC
Park Management: City

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