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Celebrating Senses

North Carolina Zoo (Zooligical Park)
North Carolina Zoo Saturday, October 19th 10am-2pm Free events with zoo admission

Come learn how tasting, touching, hearing, and seeing are different amongst our animal residents at the NC Zoo. Learn how animals adapt to survive when some of their senses are better than others, and discover how similar we all are.  
Our Celebrating Senses event will feature a variety of carts throughout the park that are designed to meet the learning needs of all guests. By featuring tactile and auditory experiences and having ASL interpreters on hand at some stations, we strive to provide a fun day for all! These experiences will take place at smart carts and will have natural history information and biofacts all presented by knowledgeable volunteers. Don’t miss this one of a kind event at the NC Zoo!

Smart Carts and Activity Zones:
Learn how animals rely on their senses through exploration at a variety of Smart Carts and activity stations that encourage guests to use their sense of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch! We will have American Sign Language Interpreters at some carts!
Lemur Gazebo– Explore the 5 senses at education stations

Sensory Walk (Kidzone)

For Guests with Sensory Processing Needs the following are available:
Quiet Zones :
On the Zoo map look for these Sensory Areas

Sensory Bags and Weighted Lap Pads:
Sensory backpacks can be checked out containing noise cancelling headphones, fidget and squeeze toys.  Weighted lap pads are also available upon request (Guest Services and Kidzone).