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Groundhog Day

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Sunday, February 2nd noon–4pm Shadow Ceremony at noon. Free event.

Meet Sir Walter Wally the groundhog and get his prognostication for the next six weeks!

The Shadow Ceremony is at noon on the Bicentennial Plaza, right in front of the Museum. Come out and see whether Wally can continue his climb up the Weather Channel’s prestigious list of top “Groundhogs to Watch”!

Windows on the World: 3rd Floor, Nature Exploration Center
Don’t miss our amazing lineup of presentations! These programs feature live animals in an exciting, kid-friendly format.

1:30pm and 2:30pm: Animals in Winter
Beth Cranford, Coordinator, Windows on the World, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
How do different animals survive through the winter? Come and meet some native North Carolina animals that have different ways of handling winter weather conditions.

3:30pm: More Than Just Mice: Really Weird Rodents
Eric Butler, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology, Shaw University
Four out of every ten mammal species are rodents, but what are all these rodents? While some, like mice, are familiar, rodents include animals covered in quills, species with long legs that run, carnivores that hunt other animals, and species that spend most of their lives in water. This presentation will focus on unusual rodents and their fascinating behavior.

Animal Architects
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Groundhogs burrow into the earth to create their home. Learn about other animals that build their homes in the ground.

Animals in Winter
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Groundhogs hibernate for winter, but how do other animals survive the cold?

Become a Mammal Citizen Scientist!
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Learn how you can get involved in citizen science projects focused on mammals by helping us find all the mammals hidden around our table!

Climatology and Groundhog Day
State Climate Office of North Carolina
Come visit the State Climate Office’s booth to learn about the climatology of Groundhog Day in North Carolina. You’ll also learn some fun facts about North Carolina’s mammals and how climate influences where they’re found, and have a chance to enter a raffle to win a rain gauge!

Evidence of Evolution
Saint Mary’s School
This interactive display shows the effects of convergent evolution on forest mammals from different sides of the globe.

Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts — North Carolina Coastal Pines
Girl Scouts will be here to give information for interested parents and girls.

Groundhog Hats
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Get ready for the shadow ceremony by making your own groundhog headbands!

Groundhog Toss Game
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
These groundhogs think there are six more weeks of winter headed their way. Help them get back in their burrow!

History of Groundhog Day
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Ever wonder how Groundhog Day came to be? You’ll learn about the history of Groundhog Day, and get to meet one of the original animals that was used to predict an early (or late) spring.

How Snakes Survive the Winter
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Reptiles depend on their environment to stay warm, so what do they do when it gets cold?

Keeping an Eye on the Sky!
Wolfpack Meteorology
Interested in how to observe and predict the weather? You’ll learn more about how meteorologists embark on the challenge of analyzing and forecasting the weather!

Meet the Groundhog
Victoria Comer Wildlife Rehabilitation
See Sir Walter Wally up close and learn about the importance of wildlife sanctuaries.

Plan For Plastic
Plan For Plastic
Plan For Plastic is a Design For Change project by 8th graders from Exploris Middle School. They’re working on educating the public and raising awareness about plastic pollution.

Alonso-Stepanova Lab
The Lab offers a hands-on demo for all ages that teaches about plants. Learn how scientists study plants in a laboratory and set up a simple experiment to take home with you!

Prairie Ridge Ecostation
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Did you know Prairie Ridge has groundhogs? Learn about groundhogs and other Prairie Ridge animals!

Rodent Vote & Quill Craft
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
It’s a big election year! Make your voice heard in our rodent referendum! Vote for your favorite rodent!

Signs of Spring
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Ready for warmer weather? Find out what signs nature provides when spring is on its way!