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DogGoneFast Flyball Club Flyball Tournament

North Carolina State Fairgrounds
North Carolina State Fairgrounds, Holshouser Building. January 25th-26th Saturday 9am-4pm & Sunday 9am-2pm. Spectators and leashed dogs are welcome to come and watch. Free admission.

Flyball dog racing! Come out and watch the flyball dogs! Flyball is a fast-paced family-oriented dog sport that has become a hit on Animal Planet and ESPN"s Great Outdoor Games. Dogs and people alike go wild over this relay race with 4 dogs per team. Each dog jumps 4 hurdles and steps on a spring loaded box, which shoots out a tennis ball. The dog catches the ball and runs back over the 4 hurdles. When the dog crosses the starting line the next dog goes. The first team to have all 4 dogs run without errors wins the heat.