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2018 Apex PEAK-TIQUE Antiques and Collectibles Festival

Downtown Apex
Norris Park, 3350 Apex Peakway, Apex, NC 27502 April 6th & 7th Friday & Saturday 8am-5pm Admission Donation to Apex PEAK-TIQUE $5 two day pass, Children 12 and under free.

The second annual Apex PEAK-TIQUE Antiques and Collectibles Festival is being organized and managed jointly by the Apex Downtown Business Association (ADBA), the Apex Historical Society (AHS) and the Town of Apex (TOA). The ADBA and AHS are both non-profit organizations. Check out the current episode of the Peak City Podcast, featuring The Rusty Bucket co-founder Mack Thorpe highlighting Peak-Tique.

PEAKTIQUE, what"s in a name
In 1853, what is now Apex NC was known as "Log Pond Village." In 1868, the railroad started coming through Log Pod Village and the engineers and conductors would refer to the Depot in Log Pond Village as the Apex Station. The reason it was spoke of as the Apex Station was because it was the highest geographic point along the rail line between Chatham County and Richmond Va. In 1872, Log Pond Village petitioned the state legislator to be incorporated as a town to be named Apex. In the early 1970"s the Town of Apex had a contest to come up with a tag line or slogan. The winning slogan for Apex was: "The Peak of Good Living."

So – we took the slogan and the word "antique," combining "PEAK" with "ANTIQUE" to get "PEAKTIQUE". And now you know the rest of the story.

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NO new or house hold items, reproductions, counterfeit items, or crafts may be displayed or sold. Additionally, Firearms newer than 1898, ammunition, explosives, drug related items, pornographic materials, food, beverage or animals are not allowed to be sold. Repurposed and/or repaired antiques are acceptable. Collectibles must be made before 1975.

Proceeds from ticket sales go to supporting activities and events of the Apex Downtown Business Association and the Apex Historical Society. Your ticket purchase is a donation supporting downtown events, the Maynard-Person historical home (circa 1870), the Caboose located downtown and many other activities and events of the ADBA and AHS.

Norris Park is a business park in Apex with a 5+ acre lot at 3458 Apex Peakway and the location of the 2018 PEAKTIQUE. 3458 Apex Peakway is 1.5 miles or just 6 minutes away from Historic Downtown Apex.

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