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BioBlitz Festival 2017

Leigh Farm Park
Leigh Farm Park May 19th & 20th, Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday 7am-4pm Free

What better way to explore nature than to join an epic nature scavenger hunt with local experts and volunteers! We will search Leigh Farm Park to find as many species as possible in less than 24 hours! Join in on the fun of becoming a scientist and spending time in nature. Don’t know anything about science? Don’t worry! At this FREE event, you can learn about the biodiversity of our environment, meet some of our native wildlife ambassadors, become a scientist, track a box turtle in the woods, play in the creek, and more! It"s more important than ever to get new folks involved in citizen science, and we need your help! This casual event is a great place to get your feet wet in the science world and perhaps you could even become a citizen scientist!

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