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Science Cafe

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Thursday, July 26th 7pm-8:30pm Free

Science Cafe: Discovering Dragonflies

Dragonflies are well studied compared to many other insects, but there are still many behaviors that we know little about. Some questions that remain are far easier to study by creating citizen science projects where many people are involved in collecting data rather than using the traditional scientific approach where a small number of professional scientists do all the work. In this presentation, you’ll learn about how two citizen science projects are helping uncover how dragonflies respond to changes in weather, how dragonflies swarm, and why these behaviors are important to us as humans.

About the Speaker

Chris Goforth joined the Museum as the head of citizen science after receiving her BA in biology at Colorado College and MS in entomology at the University of Arizona. Her research has focused on insect behaviors, particularly parental care and respiratory behaviors in the giant water bugs and responses of dragonflies to changes in weather, but she has also done extensive work using aquatic insects to assess water quality of desert waters. In addition to her work with dragonflies, Chris has recently begun researching the effectiveness of using citizen science as an educational tool in science museums. It is her belief that citizen science is a great tool for helping to create a scientifically literate society and she is excited to share hands-on citizen science opportunities with Museum visitors.

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